High School Senior Photography

What does a high school senior want from their senior pictures?

Simply put, they want to look great.

What makes a great High School Senior portrait?   Well, obviously the ones that make you look awesome!  


So how do you know how to pick the right photographer, the one that is going to make you look great?  


First of all, let's talk about what goes into making you look great in your Senior Pictures.


Not to get too technical, but lighting and camera angle is really important. 


Bad lighting will make you look like you have bags under your eyes and if you have a tiny blemish, bad lighting can make it stand out like its a major outbreak. 




Another important thing to take in consideration is camera angle. The right camera angle for your friend may not be the right angle for you. 


Our faces are all shaped differently and require a customized camera angle


  Seems like a no brainer.


 but if you've ever seen a photo where someone looks awkward... that's the result of a bad photo angle.  

Trust me, I have been a professional photographer for over 20 years,

but a bad camera angle and lighting can even make Zac Efron and Katy Perry look bad. 


We use poses and backgrounds to amplify your personality. 


This is what makes your senior pictures look different than everyone else's. 


When you add all of this together, you get awesome High School Senior Pictures!


As you can see, now all senior pictures are alike.  It depends on who is doing the picture taking.  


We have the experience, the creativity and the photographic skills to take high school senior photos for you that will blow your mind (in a good way)!  


And we have FUN while doing it too. 

We know this senior picture thing can be intimidating, so we put you ease right away because even though we have mad photo skills, we are laid back and casual. 


Our whacky good humor helps to ease the fears of even the most nervous and shy seniors. 


Another important thing that sets us apart is how we work with you to get the best photos. 


We show you YOUR photos as we take them!  


Most photographers are too self conscious to do that because they are afraid that you will not like the photos. 


We have the moxie it takes to get rock'n awesome images in the camera and

are not afraid to show them to you and get your feedback.

It's important that you love your high school senior pictures and we want you to tell us while we are in the session if there is something that could make the photos better! 

High school seniors abhor anything that looks fake.  


They want the real location, the real experience, the real relaxed chill photos. The ones that look like them, not an unnatural pose with a forced smile.


So how do you get a relaxed and happy looking high school senior photo?


You go to a photographer that has the experience to put you at ease while having fun.  


We know from years of experience, that when seniors feel relaxed and are having fun, their photos come out great!  


They want a professional to help them so that they look great and not slouchy or stiff." 


TRUTH: You can’t look good in a photo if you don’t feel good while taking it!


Once seniors see their photos as we take them, they often get into the fun by suggesting photo ideas.  


We work with the senior and the parent as partners to create the best possible senior portraits.  And that is really awesome, and one of the reasons that we LOVE our job!


Because when everyone gets to have a say in how the senior pictures come out, everyone is HAPPY!


High School Senior Photography Sessions We Offer:

Senior Pictures on Galveston Beach!

Senior Pictures in Galveston Alleyways!


Senior Pictures at a Local Park​

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So now that you know our secret to getting the best high school senior pictures anywhere… all you have to do is pick a package and schedule your appointment!


Scroll down for Senior Picture Pricing! 

High School Senior Picture Prices 

The Twenty Senior Picture Package -on SALE for $469 

  • All pictures will be created at a local League City park 

  • THREE clothing changes

  • Add your family, siblings or pets at no extra charge

  • 2 -8×10 and 1-5x7 professionally printed portraits! And they can all be from different poses!

  • That’s three professionally printed portraits!

  • We’ll retouch the poses you order your prints from, so you’ll look marvelous!

  • You’ll get 20 awesome digital pictures with ALL RIGHTS to use as you wish!

  • And you’ll get all of the above for less than half price at $469  

  • This amazing sale will end soon so don’t wait to call!

  • There is not another photographer with our quality, experience and creativity offering a deal like this!

  • Ready to get this done? We make it easy… just send us an email or call us and we'll be happy to help!

The Ultimate Senior Picture Package $629

High School Senior Picture Session 

  • Includes a 1.5 hour professional photography session with tons of pictures featuring creative looks

  • Bring up to four unique clothing choices!

  • Include your family at no extra charge (up to six people)!

  • We’ll photograph at a League City park location OR the beach in Galveston! 

  • We’ll provide retouching to twenty of your favorite images, so you’ll look awesome!

  • You’ll get 20 more slightly edited senior pictures that will blow your mind!  

  • That's a total of 40 senior photos!

  • And you can use them in any way you want.  Create a banner for graduation, make your own announcements, make as many prints as you need and save a ton of money at the same time!

  • This package also offers a professionally printed portrait package featuring 2-8×10’s & 3-5×7’s! Each photo can be from a different pose!

  • That’s FIVE different professionally printed portraits!

  • And you’ll get all of the above for less than half price at $629 plus tax.

  • This high school senior picture package is regularly $1100!

  • Do you really want to put this off and miss this amazing sale? 

  • Ready to get this done? We make it easy… book online and get the jump on all the other parents- seniors! Or Email or Call us and we'll be happy to help!

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The Senior TEN Picture Package – $379- on SALE right now!

  • All pictures will be created in a local League City park.

  • We will take your high school senior pictures in up to TWO Clothing Changes.

  • ADD your family or friends (up to 4 total) in this session!

  • 10 Edited Digital Portraits!  Save money, print your own announcements and prints!

  • 1 -8×10 and 1- 5×7’ professionally printed portraits with professional retouching!

  • You’ll get all of the above for less than half price at $379 plus tax.

  • Last year a package like this would have been over $425!

  • Don't miss this amazing sale!

  • Ready to get this done? We make it easy-- email us here or call - text  if you have questions or just want to take advantage of this SUPER HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PICTURE SPECIAL!


The  SIX Senior Picture Package – $289

  • All pictures will be created in a League City  park

  • We will take your high school senior pictures ONE clothes change (Can add and cap and gown).

  • Your session will take about 30 minutes.

  • Only one person per session allowed- no family or friends in this session please

  • You’ll receive 6 different and creative high school senior photos via Digital Download with ALL rights to use as you wish!

  • And you’ll get all of the above for less than half price at $289 plus tax.


YES!  We offer lots of OTHER really cool high school senior sessions too!

Susan Henry Photography started her photography studio in downtown Galveston and operated it for over 16 years on the Island.

And during that time she was the first to offer Houston area high school seniors Galveston beach and Galveston Alley Way portraits!


Galveston Alley Senior Pictures 

  • We’ll meet in downtown Galveston for your session which will take about 1 hour.

  • You will be able to change clothes twice for this session (We’ll meet at a coffee shop where you can change)

  • You can bring a pet, props, a car, motorcycle, musical instrument or other items to this session- just please let us know what you are bringing.

  • You can add a sibling or family (up to four) to this session at no extra charge.

  • Susan selects just the right alley way or building to accentuate your clothing.  She knows where the urban-cool places as well as the old southern charming places are!

  • You will be walking down various Galveston alley ways and streets comprising of about 8 city blocks.  I mean- how COOL is that? 

  • Plus you’ll get 25 of your favorite ones as high quality digital photos! Print them, get creative with- they are yours! 

  • And for a limited time you’ll also get 2- 5x7 professionally printed portraits!

  • This is a super cool urban retro scene that is perfect for your high school senior portraits!

  • You’ll get our Galveston Alley Photo Session as listed above with TWENTY FIVE unique & creative pictures via digital download with full usage rights for only $429

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High School Senior Galveston Beach Portrait Sale!

  • We are the Galveston Beach Portrait specialists with over 23 years of experience of photographing on the beach!

  • We have more experience photographing on the beach in Galveston than any other photographer.

  • That's why we are considered the beach photo specialists!

  • What that means for you… is that you are going to get AWESOME senior pictures!

  • It also means that we know when the sun is in the best position for you to get great senior pictures. And that is CRITICAL!

  • You can only get awesome high school senior pictures at one particular time of day & that is about 45 minutes before sunset.

  • Any other time during the day will cause you to squint and have harsh shadows on your face.

  • So we only photograph one session at the beach each day to make sure that all of our clients get the very best “lighting” for their session.

  • This reduces the number of beach sessions we can offer and can makes them very sought after so call early to reserve yours.

  • You can bring your pet, sibling or family at no extra charge for this session. This is a HUGE extra value!

  • You can also bring your *car, *truck, *jeep, *horse or other *coolness* as well. *IMPORTANT:, we have to photograph at a DIFFERENT beach to accommodate a vehicle/horse so it is very important that you tell us before your session so that we can meet at the right beach.

  • Please note that you will not be able to change clothes unless you can change right on the beach!  (I suggest you bring a large beach towel and some helpers!)

  • We have the experience and the professional  equipment to capture the light, the water and you at the right angles to make amazing photos that will become lifelong favorite photos!

  • We'll take approximately 75 unique photos during your senior picture session. 

  • Our Galveston beach photo package includes your choice of 35 edited photos we take of your senior on the beach with ALL rights to print, share and use them as you wish!

  • We offer retouching on close-up photos only. Make up will cover most blemishes and we have the experience working with the wind to allow your hair to blow naturally- which looks great on the beach! 

  • You will receive your portraits via a digital download link and have all rights to use them as you want!

  • You’ll get our Galveston BEACH Photo Session as listed above for only $429 —this is a savings of over $100!

  • This AMAZING SALE will end soon, so please don't wait!

  • Regular price is $529. 


Susan Henry Photography will make your senior’s year memorable!

You’ll also take home the best savings of the year, there won’t be another sale like this one this year! 


And you’ll be able to relax knowing you’re going to get senior portraits that really capture who your high school senior really is – and that is priceless.

High School Seniors....you won’t have a second chance to look good.

So it pays to trust this all-important portrait to the studio that gives you photographs you will be thrilled to own…in absolutely the most fun experience possible…all with a risk-free, better-than-money-back guarantee.


You can Email us  or call- text to learn more about our amazing senior portraits!

We are a small studio without a huge staff (that’s how we offer such inexpensive prices) so please be patient while we get back in touch with you, and THANKS!

You’ll also take home the best savings of the year, there won’t be another sale like this one this year! 

And you’ll be able to relax knowing you’re going to get senior photos that really

capture their personality – and that is priceless.

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