Photography Classes

Love taking pictures? 


  • Want to learn quick and easy steps that will have you taking better photos in a few hours? 

  • Does your camera seem too complicated?

  • Not sure why your pictures don't turn out like you want them to?

  • Are your pictures blurry, too dark or light?

  • Wonder why the on-camera flash pop up sometimes and not others?

  • Have an expensive camera that you don't use because you are confused or intimidated by it?

  • Do you want to know how to take great photos of sports, pets or another activity? 

  • Learn how to see more creatively and therefore take better photos?

  • Feel more confident and enjoy taking photos with your camera

  • Take awesome pictures while on vacation and traveling.

  • Using your  smart phone to take pictures?


We can help with all the above! 

Join one of our photography classes, and you'll be taking AWESOME photos after the first class. 

Here's what you'll get from our photography class:

  • Small class size means you get one on one help and guidance which means quicker and easier learning 

  • Instruction on using your own camera- not the instructors camera which may not be anything like yours

  • In person classes ensure that you get your money's worth - compared to a book that you may not find time to read and be left with unanswered questions.

  • Our own "just enough tech" teaching style means you will learn the important technical aspects without being overwhelmed with technical details you don't need to know to get great photos.  For instance, you learn how to drive a car but don't need to know how to change the oil to drive one.  Once you feel comfortable and are happy with the photos you are taking, then you can decide to dive deeper into the technical world of photography or not.

  • Enjoy instant success as you see incredible photos pop up on the back of your camera

  • Learn how to capture action shots

  • Become a member of a fun community photography enthusiasts just like yourself

  • Join us on a photo tour and put your newfound photo skills to the test and get real time feedback as you use your camera.

  • And when you're ready to have a FUN experience being creative and learning how to take better photos reserve your class, workshop or on location photography tour!

We offer all kinds of classes! 

Join us to learn how to take:

  • action photos,

  • photos of your children,

  • pet pictures,

  • art photography,

  • online product photos,

  • better vacation photos 

  • or just learn how to make your photos turn out better!

Questions?  We got answers! Click here to email us! 

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